1. Marc zei:

    Nice logo!

  2. Aadit zei:

    Awesomely made!

  3. chrismas gifts zei:

    It was interesting^^ Happy New Year!

  4. John zei:

    I liked this design a lot. Something about it really catches my attention.

  5. johnny zei:

    Its the good screen that you can put as first cover in any paper…………I like it!!!!

  6. zetad zei:

    wow.. clean, simple and awesome. Compliments!

  7. Travis zei:

    This one is pretty sick. nice job guys.

  8. Dilruk zei:

    Actually i really like this logo. I even used this for a travel site. it suits for a travel site as well. I also modified a bit . Thanks a million for the logo.

  9. Святослав zei:

    Да! полностью поддерживаю и не надо лишних слов здесь

  10. Sophie zei:

    A client asked us to use this logo to create his business card. I will send you a preview (owner of this site only) if required.

    Nice work.

  11. Renee Lease zei:

    I will use this logo for our birdie tree for our 18 hole ladies golf club. Thanks. It is nice and useful.

  12. gecko zei:

    Thought it said Bird flu then

    Nice, clean and most importantly unobtrusive (unlike bird flu)

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  14. Andrew zei:

    Simple and clean. :) Thanks

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  16. manju zei:

    very nice logos, , iam very happy to download and really awasome, , ,

  17. Rashmi zei:

    beautiful drawing